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OziShim Precut Slotted Shim

Alignment Systems Australia P/L has been manufacturing their Patented OziShim precut slotted shim in their Melbourne factory since 1995. OziShim precut slotted shim is unique in it's design. The slots are higher than standard with an oversized concave tab allowing easier removal of the Slotted shim from under the machine foot.

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Alignment - Shafts, Pulleys, Geometric

Alignment Systems Australia P/L services Australia for Gloi alignment products. For years geometric alignments have been difficult and expensive to achieve. Alisensor from Gloi in Sweden has smashed the market with it's price and ease of operation. What traditionally took hours to achieve can now be performed in minutes.

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Vibration Analysis

Alignment Systems Australia P/L services Australia and New Zealand for Adash vibration products. VibrioIII is set to become the best answer for tradesman based vibration analysis in the field. It's Expert FASIT system takes the high end training out of the equation. Immeadiate misalignment, looseness and umbalance indicators (the biggest machine killers) without time consuming analysis is a bonus for the operator. Vibrio is a simple but effective tool in a compact and simple to operate unit. Of course for the technically minded there is VibrioIII's big brother the VA4 (4 channel) for indepth analysis.

Vibrio III

Vibrio III more than just a vibration meter


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